October 2021 round-up

October was not a good month, overall. Productivity was low, I burned some bridges, and there was a bereavement in my other half’s side of the family. I even thought about not writing a round-up post this month. But, in the spirit of authenticity that I try to bring to this blog, here is a short – but true – summary of what I achieved last month.

On the research front I did a little bit of work on the two grant applications that I mentioned last month. I developed the interview guide for a project, and submitted the corresponding paperwork for ethical approval. I also submitted the interim report to the funder of that project. Finally, I sorted out a transfer of funds and amendment to our research assistant’s contract. 

As for writing, I did some very, very minor revisions to a paper (I need to thank my co-authors for doing most of the work, there). I had some discussions with another co-author about the framing for our paper, and I think that we have a really good idea. That required a lot of reading and thinking but, alas, no actual writing done, yet. Lastly, I reviewed some papers for other journals (i.e., other people’s work).

In terms of teaching, I delivered some lectures, organised an exam, and marked dissertations. I also delivered a seminar about qualitative analysis, and I wrote the report for a doctoral exam that took place at the end of last month.

On the admin front, I wrapped up the last remaining tasks from my division leader days.

Hoping for a productive November!

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