Guest talk: Yekemi Otaru, B2B Sales & Marketing Strategist

This week, Ms Yekemi Otaru joined my Services Marketing class to talk about how she combats the pricing and competitive pressures faced by her marketing agency.

Yekemi is an entrepreneur and owner of Doqaru Limited. She is also a B2B Sales & Marketing Strategist, and a Bestselling Author about social media in the business to business context. She was recently appointed Chancellor at the University of the West of Scotland, and she is one of my former students.

We were very lucky to have such a successful business woman share her time and expertise with us. Here is the video of Yekemi’s talk, where she goes over the challenges of expanding a business, the importance of focusing on the relevant segments, cost vs value-based pricing strategy. She also shared her top tip to succeed in this industry: people skills!

PS: I was delivering the class in a lecture room, as well as live-streaming to those students joining us remotely; and Yekemi was joining us via that streaming platform. Hence, the reason why I am looking at a screen when talking with her.

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