Spotted elsewhere: Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?


A video reminding us to look up from our screens, and connect with those around us (as well as ourselves).


Shared on Facebook by Jen Johnson Kampanaos, a lovely lady that I had the pleasure of meeting in business school and with whom, ironically, I keep in touch via Facebook.

So what?

I think technology is a great addition to my life. But it needs to remain that: an addition. Not the nucleus.

Unfortunately, some of the images and examples in this video were too familiar to me for comfort. I could see how, on occasions, technology has ruled what I do, when or how I do it, and even how I judge my actions. This video was a great reminder to connect with myself, with others and with the world. For real, not through a screen.

I thought you might appreciate the reminder, too.

What caught your eye on the web, this week?

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