[Miscellany] The Monarch’s symbols, writing for the algorithm vs. your audience, and people that shaped me

On the power of symbols Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday, September 8th. In addition to being a person, Elizabeth II was also an institution, and, in that latter role, she was promptly replaced by her first-born son, Charles. The change in Head of State will be reflected in ceremonial as well as functional objects … Continue reading [Miscellany] The Monarch’s symbols, writing for the algorithm vs. your audience, and people that shaped me

July and August 2022 round-up

I can hardly believe that this time last year we were preoccupied with face masks, hand sanitising, and Covid-19 tests. This summer, Covid-19 seemed very much a distant memory. Instead, we bemoaned the cost of living and alternated between enjoying and cursing the heatwave. At a more personal level, in July and August we celebrated child 2’s … Continue reading July and August 2022 round-up

Day in the Life of an Academic #13: Graduation

What I did, on Tuesday, 19th July.  07h07m: Alarm goes off but, really, I have been awake for a while because we are in the middle of a heatwave and it’s hard to sleep. Get up, cold shower, coffee, quick breakfast, and head out of the door. Today I am going to Brunel, for one of … Continue reading Day in the Life of an Academic #13: Graduation

June 2022 round-up

June was good. People and things were dully celebrated, as I had hoped for last month. That included child 1’s 21st birthday and conclusion of her undergraduate studies at Oxford University; Portugal day; and my friend Sarah Quinton’s promotion to Professor and Associate Dean Research & Knowledge Exchange (no photos because we were so engrossed … Continue reading June 2022 round-up

Saying no

I was talking with a friend, recently, who was feeling very overwhelmed by the many responsibilities on her plate. This friend was feeling conflicted because people kept asking her to do more (often presented as a great opportunity), and she really felt that she couldn't take on any more responsibilities. However, she also didn't want … Continue reading Saying no