Who I am, What I do

Big Bang Data

I am an academic.

My research focuses on the role of technology in interactions between firms and their customers. One stream of work looks at the impact of technology on customer insight, and includes projects such as ‘the potential of digital footprints for customer profiling’. The other stream looks at the impact of technology on targeted interactions, and includes projects such as the ‘role of social media in customer service’. You can find out more about my work and publications,  here. I am serving as an Associate Editor of the Journal of Marketing Management, since March 2020.

My mother likes to tell how I loved to play schools when I was a little girl. All these years later, teaching is still a passion of mine. Nowadays, I teach on specialist modules closely related to my research interests, such as Digital Marketing, Customer Relationship Management or Competitive Intelligence. But I have also taught on generalist modules like Strategic Marketing or Marketing Research. I work at Brunel University London, and I previously held academic positions at London School of EconomicsHenley Business School / University of Reading and Oxford Brookes University. I am particularly proud of being part of the academic team that founded the Google Online Marketing Challenge.


I hold a PhD from the London School of Economics, as well as an MBA from London Business School. Previously, I studied Economics (BSc, FE-UNL) and European Relations (MSc, ISEG-UTL) in Portugal.

Prior to joining academia, I worked as a management consultant in the telecommunications industry and as a portfolio manager at a leading media and entertainment company, among others.

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