Spotted elsewhere: Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

What? A video reminding us to look up from our screens, and connect with those around us (as well as ourselves). Where? Shared on Facebook by Jen Johnson Kampanaos, a lovely lady that I had the pleasure of meeting in business school and with whom, ironically, I keep in touch via Facebook. So what? I … Continue reading Spotted elsewhere: Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

A personal message that I sent to my students

In recent days, I came across 3 persons from very different ages and life circumstances that have one thing in common: each of them has been been struggling with a difficult situation by themselves. Talking with each of these 3 persons reminded me of a message that I sent to my students not long ago. … Continue reading A personal message that I sent to my students

Reflection on AcWriMo 2012

Phew! I survived AcWriMo 2012, a month long initiative of focused academic writing (more information here). My pledge for AcWriMo was to write 100 minutes every day and to produce 6 specific outputs, including revising and resubmitting one paper, writing a book review and working on other articles. In the end, I wrote an average … Continue reading Reflection on AcWriMo 2012

I am going back to school

That’s right. I am going back to the ‘learner’s seat’. I joined a course on Social Network Analysis at Coursera.   I am familiar with Social Network Theory and even used it in the past, but I don’t really know how to model social networks. So, this will be a very important addition to my … Continue reading I am going back to school

One of a kind, please

At my eye appointment, today, the optometrist was intrigued by my surname and asked where I was from, originally. When I replied 'Portuguese', he said 'Ah, yes, Portuguese people...' and he proceeded to list a number of characteristics he thought Portuguese people had.   Strangely, I was quite put off by that conversation and have … Continue reading One of a kind, please