October 2022 round-up

I am writing this round up post well into November – Halloween is gone, the term is halfway through, and the John Lewis’s Christmas advert is already out. This year is well and truly flying by, which makes it the more important to take time to stop and reflect on how the last month went.

October had its logistical challenges and testing moments, but it wasn’t a total loss. It helped that I am trying a new approach to setting goals (more granular and specific) and monitoring progress (more frequent). It was also nice to help child 1 move into her new flat, go to a concert with child 2, catching up with friends, and getting to know new Sussex colleagues working in the Artificial Intelligence arena.

On the research front, I continued to work on the grant idea related to digital literacy in the health field, and I got started on the application to test a mobile app to tackle food waste in households. I also participated in meeting to discuss a new survey to collect data on AI adoption and use, with the aim of informing policymaking.

On the writing front, I submitted two conference abstracts, and did some work on the Gender and Money paper (which was, subsequently, submitted by my colleague). There were also a number of several sessions to brainstorm the development of a paper about the metaverse. Moreover, a colleague approached me regarding a really interesting paper idea about retail technology.

As for teaching, my remaining PhD student from Brunel, Daniela Castillo, had her viva and she passed with no changes. What a star! Plus, there was teaching, several teaching-related meetings and reading a PhD thesis as external examiner.  

Other “things” that I did this month included reviewing a paper for a journal, reviewing the promotion package for a University in New Zealand, plus acting as external for recruitment at a UK university. Oh, and a few more induction sessions at Sussex.

November feels like the last truly productive month of year to me. December is usually a blur of end of term activities, Christmas / New year festivities and the like. So, I need to stay focused, and organised (and healthy) throughout November. Do you, too, feel like that about November?

2 thoughts on “October 2022 round-up

  1. To answer your question, November does feel like that — in the case of the Philippines where I live.

    With the long Halloween and Day of the Dead weekend (Oct. 31-Nov. 2), it’s just a short blur from Nov. 3 until December. Come the last month of the year, it’s Christmas season all around!


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