#AcWriMo2022 week 2 round up

Total for week 2: 07h45m

Average per day: 1h06m (including one day when I did not write)

Day 8 was for getting started on the interviews’ chapter, which I did. Though, I also had to do something I had forgotten on the chapter that I had wrapped on day 7. I ended up doing only 6 pages on the new chapter, before moving on to meetings and other work.

On day 9 I had another 4-hour workshop. I thought that I would get e-mails out of the way, and then do some writing before dinner, but… you guessed it, it ended up not happening. I started watching webinars, and lost track of time. Then, had a long research meeting. And, I just didn’t have it in me to do any writing after dinner. No sticker for me, today.

On day 10 I had another 3-hour workshop, followed by a presentation and a couple of meetings. So, I made sure to get my writing done in the morning. I am very glad that I did it because this was also the day when the John Lewis Christmas advert was released, and I ended up getting too caught up in the online reaction to the advert.

Did you like the advert? I am always amazed at how well the John Lewis team taps into the social mood, and this year’s advert did not disappoint. In this year’s Christmas advert, with so many families struggling in cost of living crisis, there is no emphasis on material gifts, tables full of festive food or and big family reunions. Instead, the advert focuses on opening our houses to others, and on showing love through gestures. The advert also tells us about the company’s fantastic work supporting children in care. 

On day 11 I squeezed another short writing session, before out for a walking meeting. It was really nice. Though, it does mean that I am now falling behind schedule with the book. I was hoping to wrap up this chapter by day 11, but there is no way that’s going to happen.

On day 12 I managed to get a long-ish session. A bit over 2 hours. After picking up the leaves piling up by my front door, I sat down to write about the pros and cons, and the how-to, of using technology to conduct interviews. 

Those little green tips are tulips. A bit early, right?!

On day 13 I had guests, but managed to get some writing down before they woke up, and did some solid progress on the section about group interviews.

And, then, on day 14, I managed to wrap up the chapter. Yay. As I said last week, the chapter is far from done. This is the “first pass”, only. 

I am not going to lie. I am a bit disappointed that progress was slower than planned, and that I skipped one day. But, hey, progress is progress. And AcWriMo is definitely helping to motivate me to write every day, and to stay focused on the book.

Are you doing any big writing project, at the moment?

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