#followfriday Suggestions

#followfriday (or #ff) is a tradition started by Micah Baldwin (according to Mashable), whereby you suggest a Twitter user you think your followers should know about. It is important to provide information about the persons you are naming, to help others decide whether to follow them. Hence, in addition to naming interesting users on Twitter, I provide a bit of background information on them in here. Enjoy!

In the previous blog post I wrote about a bookstore that had recently opened in my neighbourhood. I have now started following their Twitter account and thought that you might be interested in following it, too.

This Twitter account is not specific to the bookstore. Instead, it is for the umbrella brand that owns the bookstore (they call it ‘studio’). Still, it will be interesting to see how the voice of the brand comes through in this Twitter feed and what part the bookstore plays in the overall conversation.

If, like me, you are intrigued by this firm’s latest venture, then, this friday, you should follow @liveBarefoot.

Previous follow friday recommendations (in alphabetical order):
@myographer – He thinks managers should learn from pirates and that you should manage your ‘individual brand’ (Oct., 7th 2011)
@OxfordCityGuide – Helps you make the most of living in Oxford (Sep., 30th 2011)

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