#followfriday: @arjantupan

My #followfriday recommendation this week goes to @arjantupan, someone who inspires me to write and to be social.

I confessed how, sometimes, I struggle to write, even if I love it and even if my career depends on it. Yet, I have read that writing is like exercise: that you need to get in the habit and frame of mind of doing it everyday. And that’s exactly what Arjan does. Can you believe that he writes a poem a day? That’s right: one poem every single day.

How does he do it???

Not only does Arjan write poems regularly, but he writes about really quirky topics, too – running on treadmills, for instance! The poems are short, snappy and uplifting (and accompanied by beautiful pictures, too). You can find the poems here.

Arjan’s poetry is a great addition to my day. He is now working towards publishing a book of poetry, which he is financing in a really innovative way – see here.

But that’s not all. @arjantupan has many interests, and his tweets reflect this. He writes, shares content and interacts with other social media users about travel, about food, about running, about technology, about photography… I particularly like his photography – looking at everyday scenes from a quirky angle (like with his poetry, really).

@arjantupan puts the social in social media! He is a regular on ‘Travel Tuesday’ and ‘Friday Fotos’. And he created ‘Share Dish Wednesday’. He is also kind enough to comment regularly on my blog, for which I am ever so grateful.

This friday, follow @arjantupan – for a bit of poetry in your life.

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2 thoughts on “#followfriday: @arjantupan

  1. So, I’ve finally recovered from the shock of seeing myself appear hear. Thank you so much, Ana. It’s really a big honour. The fun thing is, that I read some things back in it, that I really try to achieve with being me. So that’s good. Earlier last week, I was reading about 360 feedback on online personas, and this is a great one.Sadly, this month I was too busy with my poetry project to run a ShareDish, but I’ll get back in that game next month, hopefully.Again, thank you for this wonderful present. And getting back to your earlier influence post: I’ve received some new followers after this one, so you certainly influence people :).


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