New book chapter: What makes a digital innovator?

Sarah Quinton, Tribi Budhathoki and I contributed a chapter to a new book published by the Institute of Directors. The book is entitled ‘The Growing Business Handbook’, and is edited by Adam Jolly. Sample chapter and table of contents are available here.



Our chapter looks at factors supporting the adaptation of European small and medium firms (SMEs) to the digital environment, building on research that involved 357 companies, in 5 different industry sectors and in 4 European countries. Here is an excerpt from the chapter’s executive summary:

The findings indicate that there are core similarities in the characteristics and capabilities  required of SME leaders between disparate types of businesses, irrespective of size, country or sector. Our findings also indicate that it is not only the knowledge level of individuals leading firms but also the positive predisposition of those individuals which facilitates the adoption of digital innovation. Being a digital innovator requires a combination of intangible, soft skills and externally measurable knowledge levels.

Oxford Brookes has produced a video about our project’s fundings. I will share it with you, once it is available online.






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