Something for your weekend #6: bug business (podcast)

If you have 30 minutes free this weekend, listen to the ‘Bug Business’ episode of the Start-Up podcast (season 5, episode 6). If has some valuable marketing lessons about introducing a new product / idea.

In this case, the new idea is is trying to convince people to eat insects, but the lessons are valuable for many other innovations. Indeed, the podcast also talks about other products which are now mainstream but which were, once, novelties (and quite revolting ones): sushi, yoghurt, tofu…

Issues covered include:

– influencers (e.g., The Rolling Stones >> Sushi; Beyonce >> insects)

– socialisation of consumption (e.g., everybody else is doing it, you don’t want to miss out)

– product features vs benefits

– positioning (as a snack product, because that maximises word of mouth and observation learninh)

– aculturation and familiarity (e.g., California sushi roll; cheese flavoured cricket chips)

… many others.
Enjoy the episode here. And, you know, give bugs a try?! Maybe cricket flour?! It’s good for you; it’s good for the planet; and all the cool people are trying it, and you do not want to miss out, do you 😉 ?


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