January 2022 round-up

On a personal level, January was really trying. If I tell you that child 2 breaking his wrist was the least stressful part of January, you can get an idea. Anyway, I will spare you the details, and focus on the professional side, instead.

On the writing front, I worked on major revisions to a paper, which included changing the framework, recoding the data, and rewriting most of the content. I am really grateful for a supportive co-author and an understanding editor, who made it possible to continue working on the revisions, despite everything else going on. Another piece of good news was the publication of the paper “The Pandemic-Induced Personal Data Explosion”. Of course, that was countered by the rejection of another paper.

As for research, I joined a grant application led by someone at another institution, and did a webinar on using social media for research for the GREENELIT Horizon 2020 project. The data collection for the travel project is going very well. Interviews are progressing at a good pace, and I am looking forward to dive into the data analysis. I think that we still have about 6 interview slots. So, if you meet the criteria and could spare circa 40 minutes of your time, please get in touch with us. Conversely, recruitment for the digital government project has stalled. This is a pity because this project has the potential to make a really positive impact on the lives of residents in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. If you live in the Borough, are 18 years old+, and could spare up to one hour of your time, please get in contact.

In terms of teaching, I have been mostly busy with marking. Though, I also interviewed a PhD candidate, and did a guest lecture about Consumer Power for the MSc AI strategy.

Not much going on, on the admin front. I am in the very early stages of organising a workshop for the Innovation, Digitalisation and Society research lab. I will let you know more, when I can.

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