January 2023 round-up

I was reeeeeeally tempted not to write this post. I had high hopes that I would be wrapping up a couple of projects, but that didn’t really happen… mostly because I failed to plan for some tech fails and logistical mishaps. You would think that after all these years I would be better at anticipating … Continue reading January 2023 round-up

January 2021 Round-up

New month, new year… and new lockdown. It looks like it will be a long one, given the terrible numbers of infections and deaths. Image source So, it’s back to home schooling and online teaching. In a nutshell, a lot of screen time for all of us! This month, we tried something new: online cooking … Continue reading January 2021 Round-up

January 2016 round-up

January was busy / interesting / crazy. 2016 has certainly started with a bang, and a very big mix of positives and negatives (I am looking at you, parking attendant!). I am starting the new month – and the new semester – quite tired, already, which is less than ideal. But, hey, onwards and upwards … Continue reading January 2016 round-up