December 2022 round-up

I listened to my past self and was very pragmatic about what I would be able to achieve in December. I even booked some time off for the period around Christmas and New Year, so I wouldn’t be tempted to promise others to get something done, then. That was a good decision: less running around and stressing about; and more time to reflect, plan and be strategic.

On the research front, I mostly coded interviews from a project looking at the use of digital platforms in local government. I also did some more work on the budget for the digital literacy project that I have been mentioning. 

Most of my writing time was used to work on the second edition of the “Management Research – Applying the Principles” book. I also did some work on the “expression of interest” form for a research grant, and I worked on some paper revisions.

My teaching time was mostly taken with marking (and chasing other people to complete theirs). In addition, I interviewed a PhD candidate, and I set up the online learning environment for the module that I am teaching next semester. I will be teaching Research Methods, and I am excited about using, first hand, the learning materials that I have prepared for the “Management Research – Applying the Principles” book.

As usual at this time of the year, I spent some time reflecting on the year that was ending: achievements (e.g., my appointment at the University of Sussex), disappointments (the Gender and Money paper not having a home, yet), and reasons for both. I also made plans for 2023, and chose my word for the year: cheerful!

I hope you had a lovely December, and I wish you a cheerful 2023.

5 thoughts on “December 2022 round-up

  1. Reading this reminded me of Ian Dury’s classic song, Reasons to be Cheerful, Part 3. It was one of my little brother’s favourites. He, like Dury was disabled, and both died young. I’d never really listed to the lyrics before, but the song is a list of 200+ things to be cheerful about. Cheerful is a good word to guide us in 2023.


    1. I did not know Ian Dury (or this song, for that matter). I like Cheerful, too – I chose it because it is more proactive and intentional than “content” or even “happy”


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