March 2023 round-up

The month started with a presentation about the online health information project at the Multiple Sclerosis patients’ day, to gather feedback about the idea from the very people that live with the condition.

Later in the month, we did another two presentations for neurologists, again to gather feedback. I found these sessions really helpful to learn more about the condition, and to connect with the people for whom the project is intended. It made me think that I ought to participate – or even organise – this kind of “sounding board” meetings for other projects, too.

In other research news, I worked on an expression of interest for a grant, the budget for another research project, and bits and pieces for three other projects.

On the writing front, I worked on two co-authored papers. Though, they are not yet ready to be submitted.

This was, again, a big teaching month. In addition to the teaching itself, there was lots of marking, plus setting up coursework and marking rubrics, and dissertation supervision meetings. I also did a session for a colleague’s class, about data quality. Moreover, I attended a really interesting session about “Education in the Age of AI”, where we looked at recent technological developments, including generative AI, and reflected on their impact in teaching and assessment in higher education. I really enjoyed that this session was neither about idolatrising the technology nor demonising it. 

Throughout the month, I continued to lean into the “cheerful” motto, which included swimming outdoors at 5C, a last minute decision to attend a concert in Birmingham, and wrapping up the month with drinks with colleagues.

And, now, I am back to marking…

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