March 2023 round-up

The month started with a presentation about the online health information project at the Multiple Sclerosis patients’ day, to gather feedback about the idea from the very people that live with the condition. Later in the month, we did another two presentations for neurologists, again to gather feedback. I found these sessions really helpful to … Continue reading March 2023 round-up

February 2023 round-up

February was a full-on teaching month. And book writing month. And pass the Calpol and tissues month. I am soooo glad that I chose “cheerful” as my word for the year! It sure came in handy this month, reminding me to embrace the whimsical. For instance, it inspired to me go out, to look for … Continue reading February 2023 round-up

December 2022 round-up

I listened to my past self and was very pragmatic about what I would be able to achieve in December. I even booked some time off for the period around Christmas and New Year, so I wouldn’t be tempted to promise others to get something done, then. That was a good decision: less running around and stressing … Continue reading December 2022 round-up