When technology is taken for granted

In today’s class we explored some contextual factors of great importance to organisations operating in the digital marketplace – for instance, the relationship between economic development and e-business success, or the opportunities and threats presented by economic recessions.

We also looked at technology (hardware, software and network) in terms of how it affects the value delivered to users – for instance, the various online payment options. And, then, we watched this short video:


In addition to being really funny – I love the ‘give it a second… it’s going to space’ bit – it highlights a really important message for managers: that technical developments soon become part of the business landscape. They just get taken for granted.

What is part of the augmented product at one time, offering a source of differentiation and competitive advantage, soon becomes an expected feature of the product. For instance, a website that loads quickly, real time Q&A or online order tracking quickly become a ‘must have’ rather than a ‘nice to have’ component of your offer. And like carpet in a room, it only gets noticed when there is something really wrong with it.

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