#followfriday Suggestions

#followfriday (or #ff) is a tradition started by Micah Baldwin (according to Mashable), whereby you suggest a Twitter user you think your followers should know about. It is important to provide information about the persons you are naming, to help others decide whether to follow them. Hence, in addition to naming interesting users on Twitter, I provide a bit of background information on them in here. Enjoy!

@myographer – aka David James – was my manager in a former job. Some months into the job, I realised that I had met him years earlier… and had not liked him at all, then. I was wrong those years earlier – David is a great person to work with and to listen to.

He is a maverick. He doesn’t care about how things are usually done. Titles don’t impress him. He thinks managers have lots to learn from pirates’ tactics. He also thinks you should manage your ‘individual brand’ just as professionally as companies manage theirs – it is not about smoke and mirrors, but about ensuring that the truth (your truth) gets told better. David James shares really interesting links from a variety of sources.

And that is why, this friday, you should follow David James @myographer.

Previous follow friday recommendations:

@OxfordCityGuide – helps you make the most of living in Oxford (Sep., 30th 2011)

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