A tale of two car insurance companies – Part 2

I recently had two very different experiences of dealing with insurance companies. In a previous post, I talked about how one company got it so very wrong. In this post, I talk about the other one and I will do something I never thought I would: praise an insurance company.

The car accident
It was a minor accident. Both cars were driving slowly, so no one was injured. Still, there was a big dent on the side of the car. Moreover, as it was just above the front tyre, there was a really ugly noise whenever you turned the steering wheel to the right. You had to plan your route very carefully 🙂

The other insurance company
The other driver was insured with LV, also known as Liverpool Victoria. I had a vague memory of seeing their adverts on TV and outdoors some years ago. I recall that their visual identify resembled the word ‘love’ and was a lively shade of green. But that was all, really.

The interaction with LV
We submitted the paper work for the insurance claim and were in for a few surprises.

First, the issue was handled quickly. After informing the company, it was only a matter of days for the expert to check the car and make a decision. Also, whenever we called the company, they could access the file and move on with the issue. By contrast, at my own insurer, there was only one person moving on with the issue… and progress stopped when the person went on holidays.

Second, it was very convenient. They came to our house to make the assessment, at a time that was convenient for us. The same happened when it was time to have the car repaired and to get the replacement car.

Finally, there was a genuine feeling of helpfulness. At no time did we feel that they were dragging their feet or trying to get away from repairing the car. It really felt like they were trying to fix the problem.

How could this company get it so right, while the other one got it so wrong? It is quite simple, really. LV saw the situation from the point of view of the user – and, therefore, they could identify and eliminate the pain points in the customer journey.

It was a refreshing customer experience… except that we weren’t their customers – but we are now!

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