Oxford Brookes University recruiting participants for research study

I am not directly involved in this research study, but I thought it might interest some of you.

If you would like to join the study, or know more, please contact Peter Lugosi on plugosi@brookes.ac.uk.

The description below has been copied from an advert in Brookes’s research mailing list.

TITLE: Recruiting mothers, fathers and carers who take children to cafes, restaurants and bars to participate in a research study

INFORMATION: Peter Lugosi and Jan Harwell from the Oxford School of Hospitality Management, are researching the experiences of mothers, fathers and carers (male and female) who take children to hospitality venues (cafés, restaurants, pubs etc.). They are interested in which venues they visit alongside which ones they avoid. They are also interested in how specific factors, such as the design and layout of the venue, the facilities available, the products and services they provide and the other customers in those venues, influence their experiences.

They would like to conduct interviews lasting approximately 30-60 minutes and they can accommodate the times, dates and places most suitable for you. Refreshments will be provided!

If you visit such venues with a child or children and would like to know more about the project, please email Peter Lugosi (plugosi@brookes.ac.uk). Please pass this invitation on to other people who you think may like to be involved in the study.

This study is being supported by Oxford Brookes University and has been approved by the University Research Ethics Committee. UREC Reference No:120620.

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