#FollowFriday: @TheWomensRoomUK

#followfriday (or #ff) is a tradition started by Micah Baldwin (according to Mashable), whereby you name Twitter user your followers should know about. In addition to naming interesting users on Twitter, I provide a bit of background information on them in here. Enjoy!

The Women’s Room is a UK based organisation dedicated to raising the profile of female experts in the media. It acts in two fronts: on the one hand, it aims to address the barriers (psychological and otherwise) to women putting themselves forward as expert on various topics; on the other hand, it created and maintains a database of female experts on a broad range of specialisms which can, then, be searched by journalists looking for female commentators.

The twitter account – @TheWomensRoomUK – has a mix of debates, journalist requests, encouragement, networking opportunities and condemnation of instances of sexism. The downside is that it tends to RT a lot of messages – and, so, it can clutter your timeline. But, it is well worth a follow. And, of course, don’t forget to sign up to the database, too.

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