Apply for a funded summer research placement with me

PARSUK is sponsoring one undergraduate or masters level student, in a Portuguese University, to work with an academic in the UK. Placements last 4 weeks and run over the summer of 2013. Terms and conditions, and details of projects available, can be found on the PARSUK website (here).

The PARSUK website lists the following benefits for students participating in this initiative:

  • gain international experience;
  • enhance knowledge and skills in their field of study;
  • develop a range of research and transferrable skills;
  • take part in original research;
  • receive a grant of up to £1,400.00.

You can apply for a placement to work with me in one of the following projects:

  • How companies need to adapt their communication practices when using social media to engage with their customers;
  • How the management of customer relationships is likely to evolve, given changes in the technical, economic and social environments.

The deadline for applications is May 10th 2013. Good luck with your application (and, please spread the word to those that may benefit from this opportunity – thank you).

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