Google autocomplete #2: Marketers are…

I don’t even remember why I entered ‘marketers are’ on Google’s search box, but I certainly have not forgotten the autocomplete suggestions that quickly followed:


GA 01

And the autocomplete suggestions for ‘teachers’ and ‘academics’ are not much better:

GA 02GA 03


I should have been a doctor. Oh, wait…


GA 04

#CanNotWin #DoNotMakeCareerDecisionsBasedOnGoogle

4 thoughts on “Google autocomplete #2: Marketers are…

  1. Interesting ad hoc study, Ana. A sort of digital projective research where sentence completion reveals hidden areas of respondents’ consciousness. I started working on something similar using humour, where the things we laugh at point to truths or beliefs we have that we weren’t even aware of. There is a category of joke which goes “How many [enter a profession here] does it take to change a lightbulb?” There’s a rich sociological seam to mine here.

    How many Social Media consultants does it take to change a light bulb?
    None. “Look, if all you’re thinking about is changing the light bulb, you’re missing the point. The idea is to first lurk around in the room and watch other people changing light bulbs. Then, start providing commentary and encouragement to those that are changing light bulbs. Then, build relationships with these people in the lighting community. Then — and only then, should you even think about trying to change the light bulb.

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