Funded post-doctoral opportunities to work with me

If you have completed your PhD, and are looking for a post-doctoral opportunity, take a look at these two funding opportunities.


The first opportunity is funded by the Grand Union Doctoral Training Partnership, with fellowships lasting for one year. There are restrictions regarding topics and candidate eligibility. So, do check the conditions, carefully. The deadline for application for this opportunity is March 23rd, 2020.


The second opportunity is funded by the UKRI, and lasts for 4 years, which can be extended for 3 additional years. Again, there are restrictions regarding eligibility, and the type of work that can be funded. The deadline for application is April, 30th, 2020.


If you are working in areas related to personalisation technology (e.g., online targeting, mobile marketing, beacons technology), technology-assisted customer service (e.g., chatbots, social media, algorithmic decision making) or customer insight, let’s discuss.


Who, knows? Maybe we can work together.

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