April 2022 round-up

This month was rich in time with family and friends, as well as some great time on my own to read, be a tourist, go to a concert, do some gardening… I can’t complain.

On the work front, I pushed through with various bits and pieces. Though, I didn’t manage to wrap up any major projects. Hopefully, a few will come to fruition in the next couple of months.

On the research front, I had no luck in unblocking data collection for the project that I mentioned last month; and made only modest progress on the research proposal. Though, there is a new research project about NFTs, and another one about visual communication of research. I also had a meeting about another possible project on digital services, though I am not holding my breath about it.

On the writing front, I finally made solid progress on the gender and money paper, and I sent it off to my co-author. The AI paper that I had mentioned last month had to be abandoned because of some issues with authorship, which was really frustrating. Though, on the other hand, the food waste paper got an R&R. One of my co-authors did most of the revision work for that. I did some bits and bots, and passed it on to another co-author for further input. I also prepared a conference presentation and did a paper review. The evidence that we submitted to the government, about tourism in Wales, has been published. It got some attention in Welsh media but, it is fair to say that it was not well received by North Wales Tourism.

On the teaching front, I marked and moderated various MSc and MBA dissertations. I also reviewed various PhD proposals. And, on the admin front, I completed various compliance training modules, and agreed to manage the development of a new MSc programme.

I am actually really looking forward to May: I am joining a few research-related workshops, I hope to interview a couple of PhD students and, of course, push through with the various projects that are at an early stage. What are you looking forward to, in May?

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