April 2023 round-up

This month saw progress on various research projects. I got selected for an innovation sandpit*, which I am really excited about (except for the guilt about being away from home while child 2 has GCSE exams); and took the first steps on a project related to improving attitudes to learning among an at-risk population. The fruits of these initiatives will materialise in the medium term, only, though.

I also made some progress on two grant applications which, I hope, will be submitted in May. Moreover, I started constructing the data collection instruments for a project on online information consumption, with the aim to getting everything ready for the ethical clearance application. 

Goldilocks and the three diggers?

On the writing front, two of the papers that I have been involved with have, finally, been submitted: one about the metaverse; the other about online information consumption (related to the project for which I am preparing the ethical application, as mentioned above). Fingers crossed. I also did some work on a paper about chatbots as well as on a paper about generative AI.

The big target submission for this month was the Research Methods book. Though, there was a slight delay, and we are now aiming to submit by mid-May.

My teaching for the semester (Research Methods) is now done (yay). The end of term marking will soon follow (nay). I also marked the dissertation posters, and I am now busy with reviewing drafts for dissertations, which are due in mid-May. I also reviewed some new programme proposals for the education authority in Portugal.

On a personal front, we celebrated a big sporting achievement by child 2, and my other half’s big birthday. There was Easter, and I went to the theatre with child 1.

May will be a busy month at home and at work, not helped by hay-fever. I need to plan carefully, and remember to celebrate the small wins. How was your April?

* UKRI defines sandpits as residential interactive workshops, bringing together multidisciplinary teams, to “to drive lateral thinking and radical approaches to address research challenges”.

2 thoughts on “April 2023 round-up

  1. I don’t get the reference to Goldilocks. Pictures of digger buckets are much more common on my social media feeds than yours! Congratulations to OH, and good luck to Child #2, who used to be known as the Kiddo?

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    1. When I saw the three differently sized diggers, I thought of the three bowls of porridge / chairs / beds… in the Goldilocks story.

      Yes, Child 2 is the Kiddo. But the Kiddo is now very much a teen, and taller than me.


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