So glad to hear that…

In my role, I get to hear my fair share of complaining. It’s not that there are a lot of problems, it’s just that, when there are problems, I tend to know about them. Sometimes, it is the students, sometimes it is colleagues and sometimes it is management. I try to look at the bright side, and tell myself that this is because what I do touches many people’s lives.


Fortunately, I get to hear positive comments, too. And they always make me feel ridiculously happy. That’s what happened today.


Recently, we sent some students to a networking and business ideation event (see here and here). Today, one of the students dropped me an e-mail. She mentioned how useful the event had been for her professional development, which is great as I like to know that our investment was worthwhile! She was also very pleased to see that what we have been teaching her on the programme is very relevant in practice. She could see the direct application of concepts that I had covered in a previous module, which is even better! A light bulb moment.


I am chuffed. It made my day.


And it is now my turn to thank her, too: thank you dear student (you know who you are). You reminded me of why I absolutely love my job.

4 thoughts on “So glad to hear that…

      1. You are too modest – its not just ‘the module’ – that is confirmed by a couple of conversations Ive had lately. Lots of good sentiment out there for your work



  1. I am so impressed. I do felt always motivated and encouraged by you. I was talking to other colleagues and they feel the same. This is what a good teacher does. Thank you for all you do for us! 🙂


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