A great marketing lesson an unlikely place: drug dealing

Sometimes, good (marketing) lessons come from bad places. For instance, the dark web gives us great lessons about branding, reputation and social proof.
And here is another one. It is an interview with an ex-drug dealer, Coss Marte, for the Gimlet Media’s podcast Start-up.


The interview gives us an amazing insight into:

  • Segmentation – There are different groups of drug buyers, each with different needs and behaviours;
  • Targeting – The dealer has limited resources and the various groups have conflicting needs. So, the dealer needs to decide which one(s) to focus on;
  • Positioning – Once the dealer decides to focus on the ‘young professionals’ group (lawyers, doctors, judges…), he needs to position himself accordingly (customer service, 24 hours’ delivery, increased order size, business cards, what he wears, …)


Just fascinating. Have a listen, and let me know what you think.



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