November 2016 round up

This month was dominated by starting the new job. In the first half of the month, it was all about wrapping up various matters, saying good-byes, and the emptying the office at the previous job. Then, the second half, was about settling in at the new place.

Amid all these changes, there were the following highlights.



No data collection this month. Instead, a real struggle with the analysis of some survey data. Seriously, I am pulling my hair!

Other than that, I have been reading about issues affecting the production and sharing of user generated content and, indirectly, its quality.



The paper that I mentioned last month, looking at the impact of digitalisation on the marketing discipline and the marketing profession, is available here (paid access, only – I will share an open access version of the paper here, as soon as possible).



And, great news, another paper has been accepted. This one is about the strategic positioning that leads companies to adopt attitudes and behaviours that support digitalisation.


To counter-balance these good news, I have made very little progress on another paper that I really, really need to finish. Partly, this was because of disruption caused by moving jobs. Partly, this was because the last time I worked on this paper, I did not make proper notes about what to do next. I usually give myself good pointers about where I am on the paper, and what I need to do next and how. However, this time, I did not do it and, as a result, I spent a lot of time reading and re-reading the paper, in order to find my train of thought, again.



I ran a session for a colleague, on the use of social media to secure a job in marketing. Slides here. In addition, I continued involved in the MBA module on Services Marketing. This included doing some podcast recordings, planning discussion topics, and marking.

Now, it is time to turn my attention to the module that I will be teaching next semester: Database and Customer Relationship Marketing.



Two interesting learning opportunities this month. The first, when I attended Professor Andrew Stephen’s inaugural lecture at Said Business School. He talked about his view on the impact of technology in marketing, and argued that marketers should think more like engineers.


The second opportunity was when I joined a session on the implications of Brexit for Higher Education. The session covered a broad range of issues – legal, social, etc… – and looked at both the threats and the opportunities. I found this session particularly interesting because, even though I am a glass-half-full type of person, so far, I have been mostly consumed by the problems caused by Brexit. Mind you, the opportunities are quite vague and depend on the cooperation of entities that have their own agendas. But, at least, I can now see some!


Over to you – what have you been up, in November?

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