Post-it website, a great example of focusing on value not product features

Right! I am bookmarking the official website for Post-it® under ‘great marketing examples – focusing on value not product features’.


Companies make products. But consumers do not buy products; they buy solutions to problems – functional problems, or emotional ones. That is why marketing communications that focus on product features (e.g., the quality of the graphics of a games console) may fail to convince the consumer to buy the product. Or, at least, they fail to convince the customer to pay a lot for it.


Conversely, communications that focus on what the product does for the consumer (e.g. entertain, educate, exercise), get their attention. They help us justify the value paid, or even find new uses for the product.


That is exactly what Post-it® does so, so well on their website.


Go to the home page, and there is no product information in sight – it is all about the benefits that we get from using this product. About how it solves problems that we had… and those that I did not know that I had.

post it.png

When I went to their website to quickly check the reference of some page tabs I ran out of, I was completely drawn into their ‘feature articles’ section. Ten or fifteen minutes later, I was feeling inspired to try out various of their ideas for the classroom and for productivity. And, of course, this weekend I made a detour to the stationery store, to stock up on some post-it products I had not even noticed before.


Loved it!


Have you seen any great examples, lately?

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