The consumers’ role in the current UK supply problems

The UK is currently experiencing various supply chain problems, resulting in fuel shortages, bare supermarket shelves, reduced options in restaurants, and warnings of disruption for Christmas retail, amid many other problems.  The Institute for Government, a think tank focused on improving efficiency in government and public service, produced a really helpful explainer of the reasons behind the current supply chain … Continue reading The consumers’ role in the current UK supply problems

November 2016 round up

This month was dominated by starting the new job. In the first half of the month, it was all about wrapping up various matters, saying good-byes, and the emptying the office at the previous job. Then, the second half, was about settling in at the new place. Amid all these changes, there were the following … Continue reading November 2016 round up

June 2016 round up

Brexit. That’s what dominated my June 2016 – first, the worry about it; then, the feeling of despair at the outcome. Which is a shame, because there were many good things happening this month, too, such as the graduation ceremonies.   Moving on… Here are my highlights from June. Tell me yours, in the comments … Continue reading June 2016 round up