Something for your weekend: Why Seth Godin blogs

Seth Godin was interviewed by Debbie Millman, for the Design Matters podcast. It is a wide ranging and really interesting interview, which you can listen to, here.



At one point (around 30 minutes in), Debbie notes that Seth has been sharing material online, for free, for quite a long time, and asks why he does so. This is Seth’s reply:

I started blogging (because) I thought I had something to say. But I also believed that, by frequently and generously showing up in front of people who wanted to hear from me, I would earn their trust. And, if I earned their trust, it would be easier for me to solve their problems. And that has been the arc of it, ever since.

Some people go online and measure their return on equity, or their return on effort. I am trying to maximise trust.


I loved this perspective, and wholeheartedly subscribe to it. This blog helps me share my expertise and my approach with potential users of my research (research users, students, grant holders, consulting clients, and so on) and, in the process, earn their trust.



What about you? Why do you blog?

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