What UK teenagers spend their money on

The Office for National Statistics has published some information on children’s spending (i.e., where children spend their money, and how much), here and here.


The data reveals that teenage girls (13 to 15 years old) spend an average of £20.20 a week, whereas teenage boys spend an average of £17.30 a week. That’s nearly 17% more.

ONS_ Expenditure by children by age group and sex
Image source

Teenage girls spend much more than boys on toiletries and cosmetics. Sixteen times more, to be precise. They also spend twice more than the boys on books. However, teenage boys spend 10 times more than their female counterparts on computer games and accessories. Also, teenage girls spend 4.7 times more on toiletries and cosmetics than books, while boys spend 6.3 times more on computer games and accessories than books.


Whilst this may not be news, especially for those of us with teenagers at home, it is still somehow depressing. For me, at least


On a side note, please don’t mention this study to my kids, or they will be asking for a raise in their pocket money allowance.

One thought on “What UK teenagers spend their money on

  1. According to the graph, it looks as if boys spend much more on toiletries as girls…
    Also, It doesn’t really work if you write a blog post on the study, and then assume I won’t read it (!)


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