The teen with no phone number

Last weekend, the teen had a friend over who has a smartphone. Well, what teen does not have one, these days, right? The reason I am mentioning this is that said friend’s smartphone did not have a sim. Initially, I thought that they meant that the sim was malfunctioning. But, no. What they meant was … Continue reading The teen with no phone number

Teens and privacy. It’s complicated.

I lost count of the number of times I have read, or been told, that teens do not care about their privacy, online.   I did not do any systematic research in this area, but my limited observations (and common sense), make me seriously doubt that claim. I think that the relationship between teens and … Continue reading Teens and privacy. It’s complicated.

Why are we ready to pay for books but not music?

danah boyd is a researcher based at NYU. She researches and writes about cultural aspects of social media use, particularly among young users. You can follow her very interesting blog, here.   Recently, danah published the book ‘It’s complicated’, based on her research on how teenagers use popular social media platforms and the impact that … Continue reading Why are we ready to pay for books but not music?