January 2020 round-up

I started the month, and the year, with great intentions regarding my goals for the year. Alas, I have fallen flat on my face. I won’t bother you with the details, but the fact that I am writing this monthly round-up around 30% of the way into the following month is a very good example of how “well” I am doing, overall.


January marked the 10th anniversary of the blog; plus, of course, UK’s departure from the EU (a very sad day for me, both as an EU citizen living in the UK and as someone who fully embraces the ideals that underpin the EU). #EnoughSaid


The year started with marking, and preparing lessons. Then, teaching started again on January 7th. Other things keeping me busy at work included updating the staff strategy document for my division, helping a colleague prepare for their probation review, helping three colleagues prepare their applications for promotion, and doing a Viva exam.


Research-wise, I did a bit of work on a funding proposal and a journal paper about smart retail technology. I also submitted a paper about Instagram, to a conference.


Amidst all this, I failed to submit my own application for promotion. And I was annoyed when I realised that I had missed out on getting a free repair for my Pandora bracelet, because the warranty had expired, due to my procrastination. On the other hand, I got a small tax refund.


How is 2020 treating you?

2 thoughts on “January 2020 round-up

  1. Very interesting post Ana !
    In fact I do believe that my new year 2020, started with the same resolution as every new-year, concerning life goals, reinforced this year 2020, as I turn a key point on my anniversary life cycle, but the fact is that I have launched several initiatives early January, which revealed itself to be a very thought early month of 2020, but today, mid-February, I am convinced that I have planned well in advance all year and have a clear calendar in front of me for the months ahead! Key point how to keep momentum? and leverage key stakeholder? around those goals and calendars! Let’s keep on track. kinds regards. Helena


    1. It looks like you got really well organised… which I didn’t. And, yes, you are 100% right about the importance of momentum and stakeholders. I have to say that I am doing a little bit better on my goals in February. I am happy that I did not give up. May 2020 be our best, yet, Helena!


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