Musical diary 2021

It’s that time of the year when I share the playlist of songs that marked the past 12 months, an initiative inspired by a practice by Austin Kleon.

There are songs connected to Covid-19, too, of course. For instance, track 4 is part of a YouTube video that I usually show in my class, and reminds of teaching online because of Covid (I have been teaching on campus since September; but I was teaching online when I added this song). In turn, track 12 reminds me of going through my parents’ vinyl collection when we were finally able to visit their house, again, this summer (side note: When I was little – and long before I started learning English – I used to think that that song was about my father, who is named Amarilio).

But, most of all, this year’s songs take me back to time spent with family. For instance, songs 1, 2 and 5 are soundtracks to movies we watched together; song 16 was playing at a bar we visited while on holidays; and songs 21 and 24 take me back to car drives with the kids. Spending time with them is something that I am trying to savour as I am conscious that, all going well, there are only a few years left before they have “flown the nest” entirely. I am really glad that this year’s playlist gives those moments (and the memory of them) an extra layer of sensorial experience.

Which songs or tunes marked 2021, for you?

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