Musical diary 2021

It’s that time of the year when I share the playlist of songs that marked the past 12 months, an initiative inspired by a practice by Austin Kleon. There are songs connected to Covid-19, too, of course. For instance, track 4 is part of a YouTube video that I usually show in my class, … Continue reading Musical diary 2021

Musical diary 2020

Here is the playlist of songs that marked my year. Unsurprisingly, 2020’s list is dominated by tunes that remind me of the Covid-19 pandemic, and of being in lockdown. For instance, Under Pressure reminds me of the four of us living, working, schooling, exercising, etc… in a small flat; and The Middle reminds me of … Continue reading Musical diary 2020

Things I am loving lately #1

A collection of random things that I am enjoying lately, and that I really wanted to tell you about, but which, individually, are not enough for a blog post.   1. Working outdoors The weather has been gorgeous, and the days are ‘long’ (yeah, yeah, I know that they are still the same length – … Continue reading Things I am loving lately #1