Who needs a phone, anyway?

Oh, I love this – it is a screenshot of this man’s 13 year old daughter’s iPhone home screen. Within easy reach are: Camera Instagram Text messaging Web browser Less accessible (i.e., tucked away within a folder) are: iTunes Pinterest Snapchat Youtube And nowhere to be seen: Facebook and… Phone! I suspect this reflects the … Continue reading Who needs a phone, anyway?

Crib sheet for campaign planning

Here is something that I prepared for my students, to help them decide what media to use for different types of marketing campaigns, and what message to focus on. I thought it might be useful for you, too. If you like this cheat sheet, please share, and do let me know by clicking like or leaving … Continue reading Crib sheet for campaign planning

It’s official: cats don’t rule the Internet

Quick. Answer this question: What is the most popular category of photos on Instagram?   I thought it was food, but I was wrong. And if you thought that it was cats you were wrong, too.   According to this paper by Hu, Manikonda and Kambhampati, nearly a quarter of content posted on Instagram are selfies. … Continue reading It’s official: cats don’t rule the Internet