Instagram: one product, two needs

Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s CEO, provided an interesting example of why we need to understand and focus on consumer needs, instead of being dazzled by product features. Talking about the launch of Instagram Stories, in an interview with Kara Swisher for the Recode Decode podcast, he said: We found that the biggest problem people had with … Continue reading Instagram: one product, two needs

Instagram switching to relevance algorithm – what it means for you

Instagram announced that it is changing the way it presents content in our feeds from reverse chronological order to ‘presumed relevance’. According to the company’s press release: The order of photos and videos in your feed will be based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting and … Continue reading Instagram switching to relevance algorithm – what it means for you

Spotted elsewhere: interview with co-founder of Instagram

What? A short interview with Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram, by BBC's Steph McGovern.   Where? Spotted on the BBC website.   So what? It is a short interview, but Steph McGovern and Kevin Systrom cover quite a bit of ground such as longevity on social media, Instagram's rivals, kids spending too much time on … Continue reading Spotted elsewhere: interview with co-founder of Instagram

Who needs a phone, anyway?

Oh, I love this – it is a screenshot of this man’s 13 year old daughter’s iPhone home screen. Within easy reach are: Camera Instagram Text messaging Web browser Less accessible (i.e., tucked away within a folder) are: iTunes Pinterest Snapchat Youtube And nowhere to be seen: Facebook and… Phone! I suspect this reflects the … Continue reading Who needs a phone, anyway?

Cheat sheet for campaign planning

Here is something that I prepared for my students, to help them decide what media to use for different types of marketing campaigns, and what message to focus on. I thought it might be useful for you, too. If you like this cheat sheet, please share, and do let me know by clicking like or leaving … Continue reading Cheat sheet for campaign planning

It’s official: cats don’t rule the Internet

Quick. Answer this question: What is the most popular category of photos on Instagram?   I thought it was food, but I was wrong. And if you thought that it was cats you were wrong, too.   According to this paper by Hu, Manikonda and Kambhampati, nearly a quarter of content posted on Instagram are selfies. … Continue reading It’s official: cats don’t rule the Internet