Book review: Marketing Accountability by McDonald and Mouncey

In my job, I often need to review books. As the focus of this blog is on the practical application of marketing theory, I thought that it would be a useful addition to the blog if I distilled the messages of some of those books here, too. Hence, I am starting a new rubric: short video-reviews of selected technical marketing books.

Let me know what you think, please. Do you check book reviews? What would / do you like to get from a review? And what do you think of the video vs. written format?

PS – Apologies for the gap between the sound and the image. I have no idea why that happens or how to ‘fix it’.

The book

Title: Marketing Accountability: How to measure marketing effectiveness

Authors: Malcolm McDonald and Peter Mouncey

Published by Kogan Page, in London, 2009

Pages: 278

ISBN: 978 0 7494 5386 2 (hardback)

Keywords: metrics, accountability, due diligence

Review published here.

6 thoughts on “Book review: Marketing Accountability by McDonald and Mouncey

  1. Hi Ana, I just took a quick peek, and I think it’s an awesome idea. It really adds to your blog, in my opinion.

    Was the lag between sound and image also there in the original video file? If it happened during recording, you might want to try a different device, or close all other running applications while recording. If not, you might want to try to upload your videos to YouTube or Vimeo, and then embed them in your blog.


    1. Oh, I think it would be good to rename your files before uploading, so that the video title (now showing ‘Movie on…’) is related to the topic. I assume that would help with getting people to find your blog/video.


    2. Excellent – glad you liked it. Actually, I got the inspiration from that video you made about the cafe’ where you write some of your daily poems.

      As for the lag, there is a small lag in the original file… but it’s much larger online. I used the Photo Booth app on my computer – so, it’s a really basic way of recording a video. What did you use for yours?


      1. It varies. I use either PhotoBooth, my canon ixus photo camera or my mobile phone. I think the one on that coffee place was made with the canon camera. I think it helps if your mac is not doing anything else than this. And maybe if you use iMovie to add a title in the beginning, you can see a bit the result. I basically always add a little bit in iMovie (very simple to use), and you can upload from the app directly to YouTube.

        I guess it’s all a matter of tweaking until you get the result you want.

        By the way: it’s really, really nice to hear that my video inspired you! I feel honoured!


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