Follow Friday: ‘Let’s Talk About Tech’ podcast

Today’s recommendation is not a Twitter account; is a podcast.

I have recently discovered the ‘Let’s talk about tech’ weekly podcast and it’s been a great addition to my #2013Kms ‘playlist’. It gives a general overview of the key tech-related news of the week, with a light-touch commentary.

It is published by BBC Radio 5 live, and is broadcast on Saturdays.

Even though this podcast is focused on technology it is not at all nerdy – rather, it offers a ‘popular culture’ angle on recent news. They cover topics as diverse as the latest videogames’ releases, applications of 3D printing in science, national security technology and the usual social media stories.

If you are looking for in-depth coverage, this is not for you. Plus, the news and the commentary are very UK centric. But, otherwise, it is a nice programme, well produced and just the right length of time to listen to while you jog 😉

What other podcasts would you recommend?

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