The old phone

FullSizeRenderThe 7yo found this phone in the bottom of a drawer. He has been playing with it for a few days and, today, he asked:

But how did you write in it?

I explained about clicking on a key once to get the first letter, twice to get the second one, etc…

He insisted:

No, but how did you write in it? There isn’t much place here for your fingers, he said, pointing to the screen.

Oh, you didn’t write on the screen. I explained. You pressed on this button, here. Then a menu appeared, and you scrolled up and down the menu using this button here… Like the mouse in your laptop, really.

He looked at the handset, again, for a while.

And how did you get the Internet? Or your apps?

And, suddenly, I feel very old.

2 thoughts on “The old phone

  1. Hahaha. Oh, my. And then to think it wasn’t even that long ago. And how I was so happy with T9 functionality for quicker typing. Loved those phones. I believe this one even had a camera!


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