September round-up

I like months that start on Monday. I don’t know why. I suppose it’s one of those quirky things that don’t require an explanation.

With September starting on a Monday, and no-doubt fuelled by the amazing weather, I was filled with optimism and wrote this in my journal: “September is going to be good”.


So, was it?

There were some highs. And there were some lows. But, overall, yes, September was a good month! These are some of the highlights.


This month, Sarah Quinton, Thom Oliver and I started the first stage of data collection for our project on Digital Citizenship. In this first stage we are interviewing managers at two local councils, looking at priorities, value added, monitoring and challenges. It’s all very exciting, and very interesting. Stay tuned.


I am particularly proud that I manage to submit a journal as well as a conference paper, amid all the preparations for the new semester and dealing with some significant personal issues. *pats self on back*


IMG_5990September brought the start of a new semester, plus a new co-hort of MSc Marketing students. This semester I will be teaching a module on market and customer insight, together with my colleague Steve Chen. And I will also be doing a number of ad-hoc sessions on other modules.



With the kids being back to school and a new group of students coming in, I am really inspired to learn new skills, too. So, I am learning how to code in Python, and this time I actually have a (very simple) project in mind.


What were September’s highlights for you?

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