Enforced detox from my smartphone

IMG_0412I had to send my smartphone off to have the screen replaced, and will be without it for a few days. So, it is a kind of detox. An enforced one, though, rather than the I-want-to-spend-some-time-away-from-civilisation kind.

The first thing that I missed? The alarm clock. I rely on it twice a day: first to get me out of bed at 6h30m in the morning; and, then, to nudge me into taking a picture at 5 pm for my #5pmproject. And, then, I missed my podcasts, which keep me company while out and about.

I also felt the urge to check my phone on ‘dead’ times like while queuing at the shops. Though, strangely, at the time, I was very aware that this dead time would only last a few seconds (not even a minute for sure!). It was quite interesting to observe this impulse to fill in the time, and check in, even when I know that I only have a few instants to do so.


Any advice to survive my enforced detox?

PS – And, of course, if you need to get old of me, don’t call me. Drop me an e-mail, or DM, or iMessage, instead.

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