Enforced detox from my smartphone

I had to send my smartphone off to have the screen replaced, and will be without it for a few days. So, it is a kind of detox. An enforced one, though, rather than the I-want-to-spend-some-time-away-from-civilisation kind. The first thing that I missed? The alarm clock. I rely on it twice a day: first to … Continue reading Enforced detox from my smartphone

Who needs a phone, anyway?

Oh, I love this – it is a screenshot of this man’s 13 year old daughter’s iPhone home screen. Within easy reach are: Camera Instagram Text messaging Web browser Less accessible (i.e., tucked away within a folder) are: iTunes Pinterest Snapchat Youtube And nowhere to be seen: Facebook and… Phone! I suspect this reflects the … Continue reading Who needs a phone, anyway?

Tomi Ahonen on Facebook Home

The bright and very inspiring James Ramsay told me that Tomi Ahonen would be joining a chat on LinkedIn, hosted by the group ForumOxford.   Tomi Ahonen, if you don’t know, was named by Forbes as one of the Top 10 Power Influencers in Mobile – he is a prolific writer and public speaker, with … Continue reading Tomi Ahonen on Facebook Home

Diffusion of Innovations

In the summer of 2000, I did my MBA internship with a management consultancy company based in Barcelona – level of 34 of this building, actually. I was part of a multi-national team advising a major telecommunications company bidding for third-generation (3G) mobile-phone licenses across Europe. That year, several governments had been auctioning 3G licences … Continue reading Diffusion of Innovations