Jawbone bows out of fitness wearables market – reasons and lessons

One of the first players in the fitness wearables market, Jawbone, is leaving the market. After struggling with hardware and software problems, and a dwindling market share, the company has bowed out.

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I wrote an article for The Conversation unpicking the reasons for Jawbone’s failure, and highlighting some lessons to be learned. You can read it here.

3 thoughts on “Jawbone bows out of fitness wearables market – reasons and lessons

  1. I read that Jawbone failed because it took on too much equity and no one could afford to acquire them for a realistic valuation without prior investors realising a loss. What a strange story of an investor honey pot becoming devoid of the honey. I own a Jawbone UP – it was a nice colour, it failed as a piece of hardware after a few months but they were happy to replace it…. but given the lack of reliability (and maybe other reasons uncovered in your research) I discontinued using it. I must remember to bin it. Most frustrating was not being able to track my swimming. I would work so hard at my swims but had no way to gain recognition…. all I ever wanted was a Hat tip… #Down


    1. Maybe Jawbone as a company failed because of that. In this post, I was looking at why the fitness trackers failed, even though the company entered this market, early. I really should have been much more clear about the focus of this post – Thank you, James.

      Other common causes for abandonment are short battery life and not being waterproof – it is a hassle to have to keep taking it off, plus sometimes you forget to put it on, again.


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