Jawbone bows out of fitness wearables market – reasons and lessons

One of the first players in the fitness wearables market, Jawbone, is leaving the market. After struggling with hardware and software problems, and a dwindling market share, the company has bowed out. I wrote an article for The Conversation unpicking the reasons for Jawbone’s failure, and highlighting some lessons to be learned. You can read … Continue reading Jawbone bows out of fitness wearables market – reasons and lessons

Would providing financial incentives to use health and fitness wearables work?

In recent years, there have been suggestions that doctors should prescribe the use of health and fitness wearables to get people moving and to fight rising obesity levels. Others have suggested that employers and insurance providers should incentivise the use of wearables, for instance by funding their acquisition, or by reducing insurance premiums.   These … Continue reading Would providing financial incentives to use health and fitness wearables work?

Wearables aren’t just for Christmas

Health and fitness wearables are likely to be on many people's list, this Christmas. This is great because it means that we are all trying to improve our health and fitness. Move more. Run faster. Sleep better. Eat more healthily. And we want to monitor how well we are doing. Image source Widespread use of … Continue reading Wearables aren’t just for Christmas

I say wearables, you say apps and stuff

The general definition of wearables in the industry literature, is that they are machine to human devices, embedded with internet connectivity, and with the capability of collecting, storing and transmitting data. In the health and fitness arena, this includes fitness trackers, smartwatches, skin patches and certain types of smart clothing. This definition is focused on … Continue reading I say wearables, you say apps and stuff

August and September 2016 round-up

August was taken up with conferences and time off with the family, so I decided to skip the usual monthly round up post and merge it with September’s. And, then, September flashed through, as well, with back to school matters, and dealing with various cold viruses and man-flu in the house. Here are the highlights. … Continue reading August and September 2016 round-up

March 2016 round-up

This month felt very much like a Mad Hatter tea party, with quite a bit of nonsense, and weirdness, and twists and turns. At least there was a lot of tea. And cake. These are my highlights for the month that was. Tell me yours, in the comments below.   Researching I worked on a … Continue reading March 2016 round-up

January 2016 round-up

January was busy / interesting / crazy. 2016 has certainly started with a bang, and a very big mix of positives and negatives (I am looking at you, parking attendant!). I am starting the new month – and the new semester – quite tired, already, which is less than ideal. But, hey, onwards and upwards … Continue reading January 2016 round-up