Examples of applications of Artificial Intelligence

The term “artificial intelligence” has definitely jumped from the realms of science fiction or something that ‘happens’ in robotics’ labs, to mass media and something that affects every aspect of our lives.


Not sure how ubiquitous Artificial Intelligence is, already?

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Then check Deepindex, a resource which collates examples of application of artificial intelligence in different industries and contexts, from the home to industrial applications. It is quite enlightening to see the breadth of applications of artificial intelligence, already, and its relevance to daily life. It is also a very useful source of examples for classes and presentations.


The list is curated by Chris Yu (@clry2), and he welcomes examples of applications to add to the list.


Another resource that you may find helpful is Growth Media’s blog post about the use of Artificial Intelligence in marketing.

Image source

I hope you find these helpful. Let me know of other good resources on this topic.

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