August 2020 round-up

August was a month in two halves. The first one was spent at home, in the UK, trying to squeeze in some relaxation in between meetings and other work commitments. The second one was spent in Portugal, trying to squeeze in meetings and other work commitments in between some relaxation.

First half

The number of things on my to do list that I failed to achieve exceeds the number of those that I ticked off. But… let’s not dwell on that. 

In the first half of the month I organised the paperwork (study guide, coursework brief, exam questions…) for a new module that I am delivering this semester: Services Marketing. I also did yet more marking and more moderation (plus the associated paperwork that goes with it). Moreover, I organised PhD examiners for one of my doctoral students, and I did some preparation for the Techne doctoral bootcamp that I am co-hosting with Mark Carrigan, in September.

On the writing front, I had a couple of meetings regarding a new paper – but we didn’t go far on this project. I also prepared the abstract for a chapter on sentiment analysis. And… that was pretty much it.

Second half

In the second part of the month, I delivered a number of sessions on Digital Marketing, for the MBA students at City University in Hong Kong, as an invited professor. This included hosting a number of guest talks from professionals working in this area. And… that was it. I read. I walked. I swam. And I caught up with friends and family.

We are now in the UK and, luckily, the sun is out, even if it’s not very warm. I am trying to take advantage of the garden and of natural sun light, which brings me to a question: do you know what this plan is? I think that it is a herb, but I am not sure which one. Looks a bit like thyme…

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